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He'd come see these shows. Amen!

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March '09

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December 7th/8th

Late Night Cabaret

Dance New Amsterdam

Two nights for me and Lexi to perform with Liza Minelli, or really Howling Vic as Liza! With a whole slew of other peeps.

Sunday December 9th

7th Annual Menorah Hoorah

Highline Ballroom

When Minnie Tonka and Darlinda Just Darlinda ask you to be a part of anything... You say YES!




Why... Because I've got gigs to book still. Contact me if interested!

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Past Gigs

promo flier for Brown Girls Burlesque presents Beyonce vs. Rihanna

11/30 BGB presents: Beyonce vs. Rihanna

Drom 85 Ave A, NYC

Brown Girls Burlesque is bringing you a show girl showdown like no other: Beyonce vs. Rihanna! Hosted by Britney Spears (that's ME, Maddy!), Team Single Ladies: Sweet Lorraine, Chicava Honeychild, ExHotic Other and Toffeelicious take on Team Navy: Sister Selva, Jazabel Jade, the Incredible Edible Akynos, K Bunny and Essence Revealed in the ultimate pop royalty rumble. Whose side are you on?

8/23 Surrealist Burlesque presents: Society of the Spectacular

Coney Island USA 1208 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Surrealist Burlesque returns to Coney Island on Thursday, August 23rd for Society of the Spectacular, a show inspired by Guy Debord's seminal text, Society of the Spectacle. Featuring site-specific installations, multi-media performance art, spectacular production numbers, and elaborate props and costumes, this show is guaranteed to make your eyes sweat and your brain tingle! Starring an all-star cast including Dr. Lucky, Bunny Love, Peekaboo Pointe, Nasty Canasta, Leroi the Girlboi, Maddy Mann, Ruby Solitaire, Scary Ben, Zoe Ziegfeld, Zelda Bloomer, and Heather Whatever. Hosted by Miss Astrid. Featuring The Dali Dancers. Drag Verite video by Joe E. Jeffreys. Live Music Karaoke with Joe McGinty in the Freak Bar. Stage Kitten: It's a Little Stormy. Stage Manager: DJ MomoTaro!

6/10 Kitty Nights Burlesque

Mug Lounge 448 East 13th St., NYC

Lexi & I are back with the fenominal Fem Appeal to bring a little religion to her Sunday evening show. We're hosting the likes of: Dick Velour, Vada James, Essence Revealed, Victoria Privates, and of course Fem Appeal! MEOW!

promo flier for 1st annual New York Boylesque festival

4/28 The First Annual New York Boylesque Festival

Rebel 251 West 30th St., NYC

Jen Gapay of Thirsty Girl Productions joins forces with NYC's King of Queer Sleaze, Daniel Nardicio, to bring you The 1st Annual Boylesque Festival April 27th & 28th featuring over 30 amazing boylesque performers from around the world!

promo flier for 1st annual New York Boylesque festival

Saturday April 28th, rev your engines for The Main Event at Chelsea hot spot, Rebel. Hosted by (NYC's Big Tittied Honky Soul Mama) Sweetie, The Main Event features over 20 amazing national & international performers including; The Original King of Boylesque & 2006 Mr. Exotic World Winner Tigger!, 2010 Mr. Exotic World winner, The Evil Hate Monkey, Mahogany Storm, 2006 Mr. Exotic World winner Hot Toddy, Go-Go Harder, Dew Lily, Cole Escola, The Luminous Pariah, Paris Original, Jonny Porkpie, Mr. Gorgeous, Bastard Keith, and the amazing troupes Boylesque TO, & Mod Carousel, with DJ Chuck McTague! ...and ME! (Although I'm still not sure why they asked me to be a part of this. But an evening spent with hot men... HELLO?! Sign me up!)

promo flier for Raise The Roof - A Benefit For Coney Island USA

4/7 Raise The Roof - A Benefit For Coney Island USA

Coney Island USA 1208 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Due to a wood-eating beetle invasion, a large portion of Coney Island USA's landmarked 1917 building has been severely compromised. In order to help, we're putting on a show! The benefit features raucous good fun with Fisherman's Xylophonic Orchestra and a fabulous cavalcade of performers including Alfie Bunz, Anita Cookie, BB Heart, Bastard Keith, Cherry Delight, Dr. Lucky, Donny Vomit, Dottie Dynamo, Firstbase Fannie, Foxy Vermouth, Go-Goat Boy (aka James Habacker), Jonny Porkpie, La Maia, Legs Malone, Little Brooklyn, Madame Rosebud, Magic Max, Miz Margo, Pamela Pica, Rosie 151, Sizzle Dizzle, Velocity Chyaldd & me! Duh. Epic Awesomeness for a great cause!

The Burning Bush Vs. The Second Coming - Round Two! promo flier.

3/30 & 31 The Burning Bush Vs. The Second Coming - Round Two!

Ars Nova 511 West 54th St., NYC

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself for the ultimate throw down showdown, a battle of truly Biblical proportions... it's The Burning Bush Vs. The Second Coming - Round Two! Watch as the titans of titillation, the Jewess jabbers and world-famous burlesque all-stars Minnie Tonka and Darlinda Just Darlinda, better known as The Schlep Sisters, take on the dynamic due from Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow, the body and blood of Christ brawlers with their perfect pitch and port de bras, Maddy Mann and Lexi Miller, in a no holds barred, Passover versus Easter fight to the death (and resurrection?) Joining the teams as the religious referee and spiritual Switzerland is everyone's favorite illegitimate son, Bastard Keith. Plus Scary Ben as our supes sexy stage fox! Will the KJV deal a TKO? Will the Torah be victorious? It's the ultimate holy war! Don't wait in limbo when you could enjoy the rapture that is The Burning Bush Vs. The Second Coming - Round Two!

3/28 Debauchery in Double D

Teneleven 171 Ave C, NYC

Stormy Leather & Clown Kong are celebrating their 1 year anniversary with an all star lineup: Darlinda Just Darlinda, Justine Joli, Christopher Bousquet, Paaije Flash and Johnny Bizarre, Southside Slim, Adriano Moraes, & kitten Evelyn Vinyl!

The Pussy Scratching Fox Show March 2012 promo flier.

3/11 The Pussy Scratching Fox Show

Tammany Hall 152 Orchard St., NYC

Stanqi Sex's monthly smorgasbord of talent is NOT to be missed, especially not with this line up: Chrissi Poland, Tansy Tan Dora, Rudi Macaggi, Shawn Connell, Creamed Stu, Essence Revealed, and GoGo Gadget

2/22, 2/8, 1/4 Spanking of the Lower East Side

Nurse Bettie 106 Norfolk St., NYC

Nothing sweeter than Honi Harlow... but like any good sweet, she's got a little kick too. Delish, just like her weekly guests...

2/22 lineup: Legs Malone, Lil Miss Lixx, Trixie Little & Medianoche!

2/8 lineup: Legs Malone, Miss Clams Casino, Nikki le Villain & Medianoche!

1/4 lineup: Legs Malone, Lady Scoutington, Dangrrr Doll & Medianoche!



12/9 Drive Thru Burlesque: Chef's Choice

Parkside Lounge 317 E. Houston (bet Aves B & C,) NYC

The supes awesome dynamic duo of Lefty Lucy & Sizzle Dizzle are letting me host their monthly extravaganza Drive Thru Burlesque. It's full of holiday hoopla with Legs Malone, Bambi Galore and Lefty Lucy herself! With McLovin' to kitten and go go! MEOW! (And BTW, my name made it into the TONY listing for the show. I love me some publicity!)

Light The Night Benefit flier.

10/19 Light The Night

DopDop Salon 170 Mercer Street, NYC

An awesome night of giving back! Jessica "Jay" Vosper hosts Light The Night: a Leukemia/Lymphoma Society fundraising event in honor of Ira Vosper and Kathleen Rogers, two people close to her heart battling these horrible diseases. So we're gonna party for a cure with DJ Monk, drinks, food and prizes like designer jewelry from Versani, Flyrite Tattoo gift certificates and lots, lots more!!! I'll be doing my Avril number around 8pm! So come out and get your GOOD DEED on!

October flier for Stanqi Sex's Pussy Scratching Fox Show.

10/3 The Pussy Scratching Fox Show

Tammany Hall 152 Orchard St., NYC

The devilishly handsome Stanqi Sex has been courting me for months to be a part of his SPECTACULAR show! To say he's culled the cream of the crop is an understatement: Calamity Chang, Bettina May, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Stormy Leather, Rudi Macaggi, Bunny Love, Lena Hall, Lady Aye and Dustin James!

9/16 Miss Coney Island 2012 Pageant

Sideshows by the Seashore - 1208 Surf Ave, Coney Island USA

The gorgeous and vivacious Bambi the Mermaid sought me out to be a contestant for the 9th annual Miss Coney Island Pageant, competing against the amazing Honi Harlow, Deity Delgado, Sizzle Dizzle, Kita St Cyr, Brooklyn Babydoll, Bambi Galore, Divina Gransparkle, B B Heart and Kat Mon Dieu! Boo Boo Darlin' and Kitten Kabooty kittened! Fisherman's Xylophonic Burlesque Orchestra kept the party rolling! Alas, I didn't win. But big Christian hugs to B B Heart, Miss Coney Island 2012!

8/3 Shaken and Stirred

The Delancey 168 Delancey St, NYC

I love Runaround Sue and I'm stoked to have been asked to be a part of her weekly night of debauchery and delights! With Scooter Pie, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Dottie Dynamo, Trixie Malicious and Coco Masala. Plus hottie DJ Jess kept us dancing between sets! I was done by 11... but partied till 1am. Don't worry, I was well behaved...

7/25 Harlow's Hideaway Hits the Seashore

Sideshows by the Seashore - 1208 Surf Ave, Coney Island USA

An EPIC show of awesome proportions. Honi Harlow hosts! Deity Delgado, The Maine Attraction, Dame CuchiFrita, Pinkie Special and I entertain! Coney Island swoons!

7/10 Kitty Nights Burlesque

Bar on A - 170 Avenue A, NYC

The fenominal Fem Appeal has asked Lexi & me to host her weekly extravaganza! Starring the supes: Lefty Lucy - Miss Coney Island 2011, The Flying Fox and Ruby Valentine! The gorgeous Mox kittens! Ain't no better way to spend a Sunday night!

6/6, 1/24 Takin' Off The Ritz

The Ritz - 369 W 46th St., NYC.

I love the sensational Lady Scoutington and her weekly wild funfest (in a GAY bar! OMG!)

6/6 crew: Creamy Stevens, Jezebel Express, Scooter Pie and Poppi Kramer!

1/24 crew: Miss Clams Casino, Deity Delgado, & GiGi La Femme! It's cold outside... if the burlesque doesn't warm you up, maybe my religious teachings will!

5/27 The Legs Malone Show

Sideshows by the Seashore - 1208 Surf Ave, Coney Island USA

More Legs Malone goodness in my life! What could be better? Maybe this amazing line up: The Maine Attraction, Ms. Tickle, Lady Scoutington and Erianna kittening!

5/25 Debauchery in Double D

Teneleven - 171 Ave C, NYC

Stormy Leather & Clown Kong host a wild night of sin and salvation! With Chris McDaniel, The Maine Attraction, Miss Vivian, Amazing Amy and the musical styling of Southside Slim and DJ Hill!

Calamity Chang's Room 69 flier featuring Maddy Mann.

5/13 Room 69 - The Hotel Chantelle Way

Hotel Chantelle 92 Ludlow St., NYC

Lexi and I love us some Calamity Chang and this awesome gang: Stormy Leather, Peekaboo Pointe, Darlinda Just Darlinda & Celina Carvajal of The Deafening. Minx Arcana kittening! Swanky, hanky panky!

Yuhua Hamasaki's Boots and Saddle show flier featuring Maddy Mann.

5/6 The Yuhua Hamasaki Show

Boots and Saddle 76 Christopher St., NYC

The gorgeous and talented Yuhua Hamasaki and I met when we were featured in Time Out New York's spread on New York's hottest new drag queens! Now we're totes BFFs - Bold, Fierce and Fabulous! And together, we're taking the Village by storm (or at least by lasso!) Hee haw!

5/5, 2/24 Meaner! Harder! Leather!

Vig 27 119 East 27th Street, NYC

Misty Meaner, Stormy Leather & Go-Go Harder know how to party! With DJ T-BOY, Lacy Knickers kittening & Mocha Lite keeping it fabulous!

5/5 lineup: Jezebel Express & Christopher Bousquet!

2/24 lineup: Fem Appeal & Rockit!

5/4, 4/20, 3/16, 2/16 Spanking of the Lower East Side

Nurse Bettie 106 Norfolk St., NYC

Need a little Honi? Well I got lots of Honi Harlow, the trophy wife of burlesque... and the fabulous host for her weekly Wednesday gig in this LES watering hole!

5/4 lineup: Lady Scoutington, The Maine Attraction, Deity Delgado, Darlinda Just Darlinda and special guest Lady Zombie!

4/20 lineup: Dangrrr Doll, The Maine Attraction, Apathy Aoki and Deity Delgado!

3/16 lineup:Lil Miss Lixx, Deity Delgado, Lady Scoutington, Tansy Tan Dora, Miss Clams Casino, & burlesque sacrifice Sweet Marie.

2/16 lineup:Lil Miss Lixx, Stormy Leather, Legs Malone & The Maine Attraction!

New York Grind show at Red Palace flier.

4/30 The New York Grind Show

The Red Palace 1210 H Street NE, DC

The lovely Legs Malone has asked Lexi & me to accompany her, Peekaboo Pointe, Boo Boo Darlin', and host Donny Vomit, in bringing a little delicious depravity and maverick morality to our nation's capitol!

Hard Candy and Go Go Harder flier for Superhero Strip-tacular.

4/19 Superhero Strip-tacular

Bowery Poetry Club 308 Bowery, NYC

More Go-Go Harder and more KICK ASS boys and girl! AND I got to co-host! With Rockit, Christopher Bousquet, Dr. Flux (plus Shameless McGreedy and McLovin,) Albert Cadabra, Dangrrr Doll, Iris Explosion, Rock Bottom! POW! BAM! ZOINKS!

4/15 TRASH! flier.

2/18 TRASH! flier.

4/15, 2/18 TRASH!

The Studio @ Webster Hall 125 East 11th St., NYC

DJ Jess' weekly music/dance/performance/club/glitterati party TRASH!

4/15 gang: Jazz, Alex Malfunction, Twig the Wonderkid, Jessie Lee, Brock Michael Napoli, Lady Valtronic, Kelly Hurt and "M". Plus Annie Mac and Colby B! Photos by Santiago Felipe!

2/18 gang: Runaround Sue, Alex Malfunction, Debbie Delirium, Twig the Wonderkid, Andrew Ayers and Cara Sceneto. With Make The Girl Dance! Photos by Santiago Felipe!

Misty Meaner's flier for Viral Goes to Church With Maddy Mann.

3/30 Going VIRAL with Misty Meaner

Vlada 331 W 51st St., NYC

Misty Meaner has asked me to be a part of her new, hot, uber fab show! And we're taking Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow's Celibacy Club VIRAL and make it the sexiest non-sex club EVER! Unless hottie DJ Matty Glitterati makes us break our promises...


The Ritz - 369 W 46th St., NYC

The dastardly hirsute queen Azraea, the funniest bitch in drag Thorgy Thor & the neon explosion of dub-step Krystal Something Something are popping my Manhattan drag show cherry... and I'm totes stoked! Tunes by DJ Corey TuT, spotlight magic: Mocha Lite, snapshots by Holly Van Voast, while Shameless McGreedy bares all (if you're lucky!)

2/23 Thunderwear with the Bedford Betties

Sugarland - 221 North 9th Street, Brooklyn

Misty Meaner, Thorgy Thor and Azraea brought me to the stage at the best Brooklyn, pants-optional party! DJ Tony spuns the beats, Mocha Lite ran the iPod and Santiago Felipe took photographic evidence while Jeff Moss go go-ed!

2/17 Trail Of Glitter

RF Lounge 531 Hudson St., NYC.

Lady Scoutington kept us all laughing... even with only one audience member (Gemini Rising's boyfriend.) So we called it the Tom Show. Regardless, GiGi La Femme, Gemini Rising, Minnie Tonka & I had a blast!

2/14, 1/10 Harlow's Hide-A-Way

Crash Mansion 199 Bowery, NYC

It's 2011 and Honi Harlow is back and better than ever!

2/14 lineup - Nothing says I love you like these great acts: Amber Ray, Bunny Love, Minnie Tonka, Bella DaBalls and her Boys, Deity Delgado, Dame CuchiFrita, Darlinda Just Darlinda, The Maine Attraction, Cheeky Lane & Rob Gentry!

1/10 lineup - Starting the new year off with an ALL STAR CAST: Amber Ray, Bunny Love, Boo Boo Darlin', Albert Cadabra, Minnie Tonka, Creamy Stevens, Franny Fluffer, Lady Scoutington, Go-Go Harder, Misty Meaner, Jezebel Express, Veronica Varlow, Bella DaBalls and Dixie Rising kittening!

Go Go Harder and Harder Candy Productions Penal Institution flier

1/18 Penal Institution

Bowery Poetry Club 308 Bowery, NYC

Supes cute Go-Go Harder gathered a gaggle of guys and one God-y gal for his very naughty Penal Institution gig. Look at all this man meat I get to share a dressing room with: Tigger!, Rockit, Christopher Bousquet, Dr. Flux and Rock Bottom! Thank you Jesus!



10/23 Maddy Mann's Bible Storyz - with a Z!

Ars Nova 511 West 54th St., NYC

The fabulous people at Ars Nova as part of their ANT Fest 2010 have given me, Lexi and Noah one night to bring a little old time religion back to NYC! We're taking the most awesomest parts of the Old Testament and remixing 'em with the hottest pop hits to bring you the most Godtastic, Biblicious Good Newsical EVER! Maddy Mann's Bible Storyz - with a Z! These aren't Bible stories, they're BIBLE STORYZ!

Bible Storyz promo vid

So come on out to Ars Nova and get your God on! And bring your heathen friends!!! (For every heathen you bring, a troubled teen debating whether he or she should give in to the sex act will realize that abstinence is best. Don't ask us why your bringing a heathen and one remaining chaste for God are related, they just are!)

And be sure to check out our promo video for the entire ANT Fest. It's TOTES funny! Hope to see you October 23rd!!!

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11/1, 10/4, 8/19, 8/2, 7/12, 6/7, 5/3, 4/5, 3/1, 2/1 & 1/4
Harlow's Hide-A-Way

Fontana's - 105 Eldridge St., NYC

Honi Harlow keeps me and Lexi busy! Every month a new number... and more amazing talent!

We're thankful for this November lineup: Ruby Valentine, Veronica Varlow, Foxy Vermouth, Lady Scoutington, Ravi the Scorpion Mystic, Calamity Chang, Bella DaBalls, Erica Bradshaw, Cheeky Lane and Ve Gasm kittens!

October's frightfully talented bunch: Calamity Chang, GiGi La Femme, Stormy Leather, Tansy Tan Dora, Meghan Andrews, Dixie Rising, Gemini Rising, Boo Boo Darlin', Lux LaCroix, Ravi the Scorpion Mystic and Rachael Robbins! Ve Gasm kittens!

The end of summer sizzled August 19th with: Nasty Canasta, Deity Delgado, Creamy Stevens, Lil Miss Lixx, Miss Clams Casino, Minnie Tonka & Austin Coffaro.

The first show in August featured the talented: Bunny Love, Bella DaBalls, Calamity Chang, Gal Friday, Ginger Brown, Jezebel Express, Lady Scoutington, Philly Caramel, Rosie 151 & Velocity Chyaldd!

July's star studded spectacular: Amber Ray, Bunny Love, Bella DaBalls, Calamity Chang, Creamy Stevens, Evangeline, Chicava Honeychild, Erica Bradshaw, Gal Friday, Jo Boobs, Marcus Monroe, Ravi the Scorpion Mystic and Robb Leigh Davis! Plus Broadway Brassy and the band Ticket To Ride. Simone makes her burlesque debut!

June's roster: Albert Cadabra, Busty Kitten, Tansy Tan Dora, Run Around Sue, Calamity Chang, Bella Da Balls, Margoh Channing, Lwellyen Defoe, Stanqi Sex, Gemini Rising, Robb & Jen of Takin U Back, Stephanie Nilles and the cutest kitten, Ve Gasm.

The a-MAY-zing line up: Bunny Love, Bella DaBalls, Calamity Chang, Evangeline Reilly, La Maia, Nelson Lugo, Madame Rosebud, Pandora, Stanqi Sex, & Amber Ray!

April's Easter treats: Bella DaBalls, Creamy Stevens, Darlinda Just Darlinda, GiGi La Femme, Calamity Chang, Bunny Love, Joe Kovacs and Greta Green, Schaffer the DarkLord and Broadway Brassy & Michael Webb, with the beautiful show kitten - Ve Gasam!

Marching this past March to the beat of their own drums: Amber Ray, Minnie Tonka, Calamity Chang, Bunny Love, Tigger!, Bella DaBalls, Stanqi Sex and Just Justine!

The fabulous February cast: Bunny Love, Jo Boobs, Creamy Stevens, Dame Cuchifrita, Bella Da Balls, Robb Leigh Davis, Erica Bradshaw, Just Justine and Jenn Hyjack!

January rang in 2010 with: Bunny Love, Peekaboo Pointe, Ginger Brown, Bird of Paradise, Stanqi Sex, Shawn Hollenbach, Claudia Cogan and Shirley Temptress!

12/1, 11/10, 9/29, 9/22, 8/25, 8/18, 7/30
Spanking of the Lower East Side

Nurse Bettie 106 Norfolk St., NYC

Honi Harlow hosts a hot show weekly in this LES watering hole... featuring the cream of the burlesque crop... (and ME and friends!)

12/1 lineup: The Maine Attraction, Lil Miss Lixx, Veronica Varlow & Fifi Dupree!

11/10 lineup: Minnie Tonka, Rosie 151, Stormy Leather & Bunny Love

9/29 lineup: GiGi La Femme, Minnie Tonka, Deity Delgado & Stormy Leather

9/22 lineup: Hazel Honeysuckle, Weirdee Girl, Chicava Honeychild & Velocity Chyaldd

8/25 show hosted by the talented Broadway Brassy! With Gal Friday, The Maine Attraction, Amber Ray and MORE!

8/18 lineup: Deity Delgado, Rosie 151 and MORE!

7/30 lineup: Amber Ray, Minnie Tonka, Gal Friday & Lil Miss Lixx!

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12/5 Kitty Nights Burlesque!

Bar on A - 170 Avenue A, NYC

Fem Appeal's weekly spectacular featuring the most talented performers from New York City and beyond! (like Moosic, Pennsylvania!) This week's special Guest Host: HANSEL HARDER aka Go-Go Harder and starring Fem Appeal, Misty Lux, Dame CuchiFrita of Brown Girls Burlesque, the lovely Legs Malone and ME and Lexi! YAY! Here kitty, kitty!

12/3 Meaner! Harder! Leather!

Vig 27 119 East 27th Street, NYC

The undeniably gorgeous, talented... and terrifying Stormy Leather, Misty Meaner & Go-Go Harder had me in their weekly bacchanal Meaner Harder Leather with the Asian Sexsation Calamity Chang & The Chocolate Queen with a touch of Cream, MOCHA LITE (Nathaniel Visneaskus!) DJ David Serrano kept the party going while Santiago Felipe caught it all on film, digital film.

7/19 Takin' U Back 2000

Fontana's - 105 Eldridge St., NYC

Takin U Back, hosted by creators Robb Leigh Davis & Jenn Wehrung, is braving the threat of Y2K! With me and Shawn Hollenbach, Honi Harlow, Evangeline Riley and Kerri Murphy. All I can say is, "Thong Song!" UGH.

5/13 Crones, Ducks and Babes

Dixon Place - 161 Chrystie St., NYC

Anytime you get a chance to perform with Howling Vic, you take it! With Nicole Lanzillotto, Fetchin' Gretchen, and a bevy of burlesque beauties making their debut: Anna Dentata, Bitty Bamboo, Bougie, Cora Caverns, Juicy Star, Leg of Lamb, Tiny D and Stella Wolf!

4/19 Burlesque Bras For A Cause

Public Assembly - 70 N 6th Street, Williamsburg

The beautiful and amazing Incredible Edible Akynos has brought together an amazing line up of talent, all in the hopes of raising money for her amazing Aunt Angela, who's suffering from breast cancer. The gorgeous and generous guest stars include: Honi Harlow, Margoh Channing, Magic Max & It's A Little Stormy, Della Dare, Shuaib "KrazyPop" Grant & Michael "Big Mike Supreme" Fields, Grace Gotham, Chicava Honeychild and others. Hosted by the brilliant Jacquetta Szathmari. If you'd like to donate to the fund, please click: Burlesque Bras For A Cause.

4/13 Takin' U Back 1978

Caffe Del Mare - 89 MacDougal Street, NYC

Takin U Back, the brainchild of creators Robb Leigh Davis & Jenn Wehrung, is kicking it disco style with a tribute to the wonders that were 1978. (I wasn't even BORN then!) They've pulled together a delicious band of misfits for the event: Jenn Hyjack, Honi Harlow, plus me and Lemon!

3/15 *POP* (A Vaudeville Experience)

Public Assembly - 70 N 6th Street, Williamsburg

The Incredible Edible, Akynos puts together another night of delights, delirium and depravity, featuring me and Lexi, David and Paris, Justina Flash, Mistress B, and The Goddess of Transformation!

2/26 Girl Meat Fun(d)raiser

Brooklyn Arts Exchange - 421 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn

It's a party and a performance to support Victoria Libertore's amazing new show Girl Meat. The amazing and generous line up includes: Robin Cloud, The Reverend Raymond Nader, as well as burlesque beauties making their debut: Jazabel Jade, Kstar, Maya Lusion, Poisoned Ivy and Reverend Harness! DJ Cray Cuban aka/Alberto Denis keeps the music going all night long!

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12/7, 11/2, 8/3 & 7/6 Harlow's Hide-A-Way

Fontana's - 105 Eldridge St., NYC

After our gigs in July and August, come November, Honi Harlow asked me and Lexi to be regulars in her fun and fabulous monthly show!

The talented December lineup: Fem Appeal, Delirium Tremens, Jenn Hyjack, Grace Gotham, Meghan Andrews, Stormy Leather, Robb Leigh Davis, Justine Erica Bradshaw, Bunny Love, Miss Clams Casino and Creamy Stevens!

November's guest stars: Creamy Stevens, Ruby Valentine, Julie Atlas Muz, Llywellyn Defoe, Meghan Andrews, Jenn Hyjack, Katlin Hines, Strangette and Albert Cadabra!

The hot and steamy August talent: Bunny Love, Chicava Honeychild, GiGi La Femme, Princess Sunshine, Minnie Tonka, Stephanie Nilles, Frank Hoier, and Howling Vic!

The patriotic July roster: The Incredible Edible Akynos, Fem Appeal, Bella DaBalls, Llewellyn Defoe, Stephanie Nilles, Matt Wigton, Adam Matta... PLUS me, of course.

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11/19 & 2/14 Howling Vic's - Crones, Ducks and Babes

Dixon Place - 161 Chrystie St., NYC

Howling Vic, one of the swellest of the swells, hosted me and Lexi twice in 2009! In November we shared the bill with: The Incredible Edible Akynos, Allison Miller, Mikela Bjork, Red Sonja, and Rosalie Purvis!
I was a wreck on Valentine's... so alas I don't recall who we performed with. Sorry.

11/15 Kitty Nights Burlesque

Bar on A - 170 Avenue A, NYC

Kitty Nights Burlesque! flier

The fierce Fem Appeal's asked me to be a part of her weekly burlesque/variety show Kitty Nights Burlesque!! And look at the other A-listers she called in to shine: Minnie Tonka, Justina Flash, Bonnie Voy'age and hosted by that handsome and charming trickster Nelson Lugo!

9/17 Bunny Love's Little Friday Show: Bunny and the Boys!

The Slipper Room - 167 Orchard St., NYC

Bunny Love is the BOMB! Is it wrong to want to be like her when I grow up? And hello, there's BOYS! The Birdmann of Australia and Phatty Matty Morgan. Plus DJ Simon Hitman Hearn from London will be spinning and keeping the jive jumping! It's gonna be HOT!

6/6 LateNite @ DNA - Male Room

Dance New Amsterdam - 280 Broadway, NYC

Burlesque meets drag meets DNA. Hosted by the hilarious and handsome Nathan Phillips and featuring the talents of Scott Lyons, Mark Kenison aka Waxie Moon, some surprise performers and yours truly... Maddy in the HOUSE!

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May 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th and 14th

Mann Seeking Man: Jesus-Lovin' Schoolgirl Seeks Soulmate

DR2 Theater - 103 East 15th Street, NYC

A 'Maddy's Coming' promotional flier her shows

I'm doing my first ever FULL LENGTH SOLO SHOW as part of terraNOVA's soloNOVA festival. 5 awe-inspiring, Jesus-approved performances! Be sure to check it out.

Everyone's favorite Catholic schoolgirl, Maddy Mann, is looking for love, and she's got tales to tell of the cute guys she crushed on and the Christians who made her cry.

After a lifetime of home schooling, Maddy is thrust into the cutthroat world of Catholic school. As a freshman at Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow, 13-year-old Maddy has her first true crush and her first true "in the spotlight" moment (both worlds away from her days performing in the garage for her dad's men's club meetings.) Her indomitable spirit helps her push through heartbreak after heartbreak, letdown after letdown -- well, that and her love of Jesus and the tutelage of her father.
In Mann Seeking Man, 15-year-old Maddy, wise from her years of experience, shares with the audience her message of faith, love and the healing power of a good production number. There's self-mutilation, sign language, show tunes and more! Ryan Migge, creator and performer, brings to Maddy Mann his years of musical theatre experience and a devilish sense of humor.
WWJD? He’d reschedule the Second Coming just to see Mann Seeking Man, a singin’ and dancin’ extrava-Mann-za.

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4/27 The Happy Hour Salon

D-Lounge - 101 East 15th Street, NYC

The fabulous and talented Joanna Parson brings together a cast of krazy kids in her ecclectic cabaret: Dave Jay, Ash Gray, Michele Carlo, and ME!

4/2 An Evening to Benefit terraNova Collective

DR2 Theater - 103 East 15th Street, NYC

promotional flier terraNOVA's 6th annual soloNOVA festival

Join the party as the good people at terraNOVA celebrate in style for their upcoming soloNova festival. Performance by yours truly, plus Roger Bonair-Agard and Jeff Grow!
And after the mainstage show, come 10pm there's ANOTHER show: Subterranean, with Julia May Jonas & Andrew Dinwiddle, Preston Martin, Red Bastard, Abigail Nessen Bengson & Shaun McClain Bengson with DJ/Selector Ruzzle D!

3/16 *POP* (A Vaudeville Experience)

Public Assembly - 70 N 6th Street, Williamsburg

promotional flier for POP: A Vaudeville Experience

The Incredible, Edible, Akynos flaunts the pop side of burlesque and vaudeville. Including performances by Mikumari, Suga SP, NYC's own Big Mike and Krazy Pop, Randy Stern, Perle Noire "The Black Pearl", Legs Malone, and the hilarious hijinx of catholic school girls Maddy Mann (that's me) and Lexi Miller with their stories of Christians, crushes and church camp.



11/14, 5/14, 4/23 & 2/13 Crones, Ducks and Babes

Dixon Place - 258 Bowery St., NYC

Howling Vic curator and host!


10/10, 7/10 *POP* (A Vaudeville Experience)

The Triad - 158 West 72nd St., NYC

The Incredible, Edible, Akynos curator and host!


8/15 Maddy Mann & Lexi Miller's Church Camp Jamboree

Dixon Place - 258 Bowery St., NYC

Lexi and I are back from Camp Good News and we've got lots of stories to share in this, our first ever full length solo show: Maddy Mann & Lexi Miller's Church Camp Jamboree! Directed by the talented Suzie Agins!


4/12 Vernissage-danse 138 "Big Apple"

Studio 303 - 372 Ste-Catherine West, Montreal

My first international gig! I'm headed up north where they speak Canadian and French! Tres chic! The amazing Studio 303 has gathered a handful of New York talent (through collaboration with New Dance Alliance) to share a stage with some of their amazing performers in a night that will go down in history! The talented Sasha Welsh, Katy Orthwein and I are team USA. Chantal Lamirande and Alyson Wishnousky are team Canada. Let's get all UN up in here!


3/29 New Dance Alliance Performance Mix

Joyce Soho - 155 Mercer St., NYC

Karen Bernard, the phenomenally talented founder of New Dance Alliance has asked me to be a part of the amazing Performance Mix Festival! And look who I get to share the stage with: Dixie Fun Dance Theatre, Keely Garfield, Joey Hateley/TransAction Theatre Company, Anthony Whitehurst and Karen herself! AMEN!


1/11-12 BAX space grant showing

Brooklyn Arts Exchange - 421 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn

As a "special" space grant recipient, fall/winter 2008/2009, I'm getting 20 minutes all to myself to share with YOU! Time to present some new, exciting, Jesus-inspired material!


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